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430 Williamson Avenue
Youngstown, Ohio 44507



Our Mission

St. Stanislaus Parish Family is built on the basic concept of making Christ known, loved and served in every circumstance of parish life. As a unit of the Universal Church, we realize that we must also reach beyond our parish boundaries so that Christ and His Gospel and message of salvation may be known by the local community and by the world.


Our Beginnings

Our parish was founded in 1902 as a result of the hard work of 80 families of Polish immigrants who lived in the Youngstown area. They wanted a church of their own to worship in and carry on the traditions of their homeland. On June 14, 1902, Bishop Horstman appointed Rev. Charles Ruszkowski as administrator of the first Polish parish in Youngstown, St. Stanislaus Kostka.


The First Church
The first services were held in the basement of St. Columba Church. Eventually enough money was raised to purchase land and begin construction of a new church on South Avenue. Fr. Ruszkowski, also a pastor in Lorain, Ohio, had to focus his attention there, so Rev. Ignatius Piotrowski was appointed the first resident pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish. After Rev. Piotrowski was transferred to Cleveland a few months later, Rev. L. Kuziusz assumed the position as pastor and oversaw the completion of the church.

After the departure of Rev. Kuziusz in 1905, Rev. Thomas Wilk became pastor. Under his leadership, Jesuit Fathers were brought in to conduct Missions, and 245 people were confirmed in July 1906.


The School
In 1909, the Fransican Sisters of Kunagunda were invited to instruct children in the parish school, thus inciting a doubling of enrollment. Sister M. Kazmiera was the first Superior of the group of nuns. Although the school was eventually closed in June 1986, over 3,000 students were educated at our parish throughout the years.

Fr. Adalbert Migdalski took over as pastor in 1912, returning to Poland in 1914. Unfortunately, the outbreak of WWI prevented his return, so Rev. Francis Sydik served as interim pastor until December 23, 1917, when he passed away. Rev. John Kasinski came to the parish at that time and remained on until 1922.


The Church on Williamson
The next pastor, Rev. John Zeglin, oversaw the plans to construct a new church and school on Williamson Avenue. Our church, which is our parish’s home still today, was completed on March 22, 1925. Fr. Zeglin was transferred to Cleveland in 1929 to supervise the construction of another new church there.

Rev. Dominic Mielcarek succeeded him as pastor and helped pull our parishioners through the Great Depression. One of his projects to keep the young men occupied produced a national championship baseball team in 1933.


After Rev. Mielcarek passed away in 1938, the assistant pastor, Rev. John Grabowski, assumed leadership of the parish. During his time the parish’s debts were liquidated and renovations were completed. He also held the position of Diocesan Director of Displaced Persons for the Diocese of Youngstown. He passed away on August 19, 1960.

His successor, Msgr. Louis Kazmierski, was pastor until his death on March 15, 1964. Msgr. Thaddeus Heruday accepted the appointment as pastor that year. He oversaw an expansion to the school building and the parking lot.


Father Neroda
After Msgr. Heruday’s retirement in 1980, our current pastor, Fr. Edward Neroda assumed leadership of the Parish. Since coming to the Parish, Fr. Neroda was responsible for renovating the church, establishing a senior citizens group and helping to start the Pierogi project. In 2002, our parish celebrated its 100th anniversary with Centennial Mass at the church and a banquet at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.




1902-1903 Rev. Charles Ruszkowski

1903-1903 Rev. Ignatius Piotrowski

1903-1905 Rev. L. Kuzius

1905-1912 Rev. Thomas Wilk

1912-1914 Rev. Adalbert Migdalski

1914-1915 Rev. C. Tyzynksi

1915-1917 Rev. Francis Szydzik

1918-1922 Rev. John T. Kasinski

1922-1929 Rev. John M. Zeglen

1929-1938 Rev. Dominic A. Mielcarek

1938-1960 Rev. John A. Grabowski

1960-1964 Rev. Msgr. Louis Kazmirski

1964-1980 Rev. Msgr. Thaddeus A. Heruday

1980- present Rev. Edward J. Neroda

Assistant Pastors

1925-1927 Rev. Leo Rygwalski

1927-1928 Rev. John Bialek

1928-1929 Rev. Max Krijdzieski

1929-1930 Rev. Bronislaus Zielinski

1930-1938 Rev. John A. Grabowski

1938-1941 Rev. Casimir Pilatowski

1941-1944 Rev. Rev. Wallace Kosin

1945-1955 Rev. Casimir A. Grabowski

1955-1959 Rev. Leon W. Dobosiewicz

1959-1965 Rev. Edward J. Neroda

1965-1968 Rev. Edward J. Kowaleski

1968-1972 Rev. Longinus Jan Zima

1972-1981 Rev. Fred C. Nachtigal