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Parish Council

“The mission of the parish pastoral council is to ‘examine and consider all that relates to pastoral work and to offer practical conclusions on these matters so that the life and activity of the People of God be brought into greater conformity with the Gospel.’ It is to provide a means by which the full parish can participate in discerning the mission of Jesus and how this particular parish membership is being called to carry out that mission in this particular time and place.”

 - Pope Paul VI as quoted in The Catholic Diocese of Youngstown’s A Guide For Parish Pastoral Councils: A People of Mission & Vision (p.2)

At St. Stanislaus, the Parish Council is composed of 7 discerned members and 4 committee chairpersons. The term of office for any member is three years. At St. Stanislaus, parish members may nominate themselves or other individuals to be considered for discernment. After being consulted, those who accept their nominations are included in a lottery to select the representatives. Council meetings are open for parishioners to observe.

Members to the Parish Council are chosen by discernment: “Discernment is both a gift and an acquired ability that opens our hearts and minds to an awareness of the presence of God in our lives and the meaning of that presence….Basically, discernment indicates that a person and the Holy Spirit agree on what the person is to do in a given situation.”

- quoted in The Catholic Diocese of Youngstown’s A Guide For Parish Pastoral Councils: A People of Mission & Vision (p.14)

Those who are eligible for the discernment are:

  • Fully initiated Roman Catholics in good standing with the Church (baptized, confirmed and practicing Catholic)
  • A supporting member (be a steward of the parish, by sharing time, talent, and treasure in the parish)
  • Active participant in parish life, especially Sunday liturgy (registered member of the parish for at least two years)
  • Able to consider the needs of the whole parish (willing to attend a council training session before the selection)
  • At least 18 years of age


Executive Board

Chair: William Jones (latest term started May 2010, council term ending 2013)

            The role of the Council Chairperson is to:

    • Oversee executive committee meetings, regular pastoral council meetings, and  any other special meetings
    • Receive agenda items from council members, staff, commissions, organizations, or individuals within the parish
    • Meet with the pastor and vice-chairperson to organize and coordinate agenda
    • Check with the Secretary to insure that the agenda is sent out a week before the meeting
    • Participate as an active member of the council in all its discussions
    • Work to stimulate all members in discussion
    • Lead the council in an annual evaluation of the council’s proceedings and effectiveness
    • Assist in preparing the next chairperson to succeed him or her


Vice Chair: Julie Brincko (May 2012 to 2015)

The role of the Vice-Chairperson is to:

    • Meet with the pastor and Council chairperson to develop meeting agenda
    • Chairs the council meeting if the chairperson is absent of if the chairperson wants to temporarily assign the chairing of the meeting in order to participate more fully in the discussion
    • Assists the chairperson in conducting the council’s work


Secretary: Terri Brincko (May 2012 to 2015)

The role of the Vice-Chairperson is to:

    • Include items on the agenda submitted by the pastor and other council members
    • Usually responsible for preparation and distribution of the agenda prior to meeting
    • Make physical arrangements for meetings; secure requested statistical information for the council; update council documents; distribute information and correspondence
    • Record the minutes of regular and special meetings
    • Keep on file record’s of council history, development, minutes, resolutions and names of members
    • Serve as directed by the council in the administration of council matters

- taken from The Catholic Diocese of Youngstown’s A Guide For Parish Pastoral Councils: A People of Mission & Vision (p.19)


Committee Chairs

Social Ministry: Debbie Verbosky
Additional Representative: Jim Mszanski
(term started May 2011, term ending 2014)

Christian Education/Family Life: Patty Jones
Additional Representative: Mary Danus
Additional Representative: Julie Brincko
Additional Representative: Terri Brincko

Finance: Andy Danus
Additional Representative: Mary Danus

Liturgy/Environment: Marilyn Janis
Additional Representative: Vicki Rossi


Ex-Officio Members

Christian Religious Education Director: Deacon Michael Schlais

Church Secretary: Marsha Schlais

Reverend Edward J. Neroda

Deacon Michael Schlais


Youth Ministry Member

Youth Ministry: